People are the key assets of one company. 

             We serve organizations to discover this simple truth and to maximize their people performance
              by offering tailored business and application solutions.

Sound familiar to you?
Large HR staff, huge HR costs and still employees with no real motivation for their work… Considerable difficulties in attracting the right people for the right positions… Key competencies in few employees’ hands and permanent risk of losing them when the employees are leaving, from one reason or another… 

This makes the difference between a “high-class organization” and an organization only fighting to survive. According to a global study of companies performed by Hackett Group, these high-class HR organizations:
  Ø  Achieve 67% less voluntary staff turnover than typical companies by focusing on strategic workforce planning
  Ø  Require 46% fewer new recruits than typical companies
  Ø  Fill positions 11% faster
  Ø  Spend 13% less than their peers
  Ø  Operate with 15% fewer staff*.

You will ask what a high-class organization is. Does this mean optimized design of HR organization and transactional support? Is that the key? Yes, but the picture is not complete. This means investment in people and talent, alignment of HR with overall business strategy and goals, with other words focus on talent management areas.

Moreover, outperformance against key performance criteria is possible only when an organization benefits of full support coming from usage of a strong HR integrated software , as you can see below, according to an Aberdeen Group survey**:
These are significant figures.  How can we help you achieving it?

We can help you improving your HR service delivery by offering our international & Romanian oriented market experience for getting the right size and design of your HR organization. And – what’s the most important – in discovering the power of your organization’s talent pool.

In order to define your HR organization as a business driver and to better integrate it into the overall business, we offer our full implementation support for working with a comprehensive and loyal software that will help you dealing with any issues or questions you are facing around HR. This software is SAP HCM and our implementation partners’ improved HR efficiency speaks for itself in this respect.

* Hackett Group, Strategic planning the key to world-class HR practice
**Aberdeen Group: Study Findings Show Best-in-Class Organizations Use Integrated HCM